Controllers and Temperature Switches

Optimal temperature control for all applications

INTERTEC offers a wide range of temperature control options - from simple thermostats to digital PID controllers that complete the range of Ex and Non-Ex heaters.

Precise temperature control can optimize application performance, effectively reducing operating and maintenance costs - whether for freeze protection solutions (US) or when precise temperature control is required for analytical or process purposes.

For use in hazardous environments, INTERTEC offers an exceptionally wide range of explosion-proof temperature control solutions and has numerous Zone 1 and Division 1 approvals worldwide from organizations such as IEC, ATEX, TRCU and CSA. Options include Bi-Standard (IEC/CSA) heating systems.

Integrated thermostats

The TS... is an explosion-proof thermostat. It is designed as a two-point controller and, when connected to an electric heater, can control the temperature in an enclosure to the preset nominal setpoint (see Installation). The TS controller turns the heater on when the temperature is below the set point and turns it off above the set point. The TS can also be used as an alarm.

External thermostats

The temperature switch TAE is available in various versions as a thermostat, fault indicator or temperature fuse. It can be used in areas where explosive gas/air or dust/air mixtures are occasionally to be expected.

Temperature switches for signaling

TAEK is an explosion-proof temperature switch for small signals, designed for high and low temperature alarm. In particular, it is used as an alarm device for PLC/control systems.

Digital temperature controller

The digital electronic temperature controller of the TC series controls the temperature of devices or the air temperature in protective boxes and cabinets. The TC is used with INTERTEC HI series heaters to limit the surface temperature of the heater. In addition, this controller can be integrated into a remote maintenance system.

The following can be connected:

  • INTERTEC heaters CP ...THERM HI
  • all explosion-proof electric heaters
  • serial heat tracing cable in connection with a temperature sensor and TAES temperature switch

TC controllers are particularly suitable for demanding heating tasks in potentially explosive atmospheres, especially for maintaining analyzers at high temperatures

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