Conflict Minerals

INTERTEC-Hess GmbH strives to source components and materials from companies that share our values in terms of human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility. INTERTEC-Hess GmbH supports the goal of ending violence, human rights violations and environmental destruction in the affected countries. INTERTEC-Hess GmbH fully supports the intent of the regulation/directive, and seeks only to obtain Designated Minerals that are sourced from conflict-free regions. 

As a global supplier of electronic and electrical components, Intertec Hess GmbH is aware of our obligations with regards to laws and regulations regarding Conflict Minerals, specifically the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Section 1502. INTERTEC-Hess GmbH does not directly source or process conflict minerals such as Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, or Gold. 

3TG are used in production or contained in our products in the form of solder, or as a component in metal alloys.  As part of our reasonable due diligence INTERTEC-Hess GmbH has contacted component suppliers within our supply chain to verify their continued compliance with the regulations. We have obtained appropriate information from our suppliers and to our current knowledge, no conflict minerals originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring regions are used. 

If we receive references to conflict minerals within the scope of our further observations, we commit to take appropriate action against it. 

Based on the information received thus far we declare that our products contain Conflict Minerals sourced from conflict-free areas.

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