ATEX air conditioning - high-integrity HVAC for use in difficult environments

INTERTEC has developed a purpose-designed air conditioning system for hazardous area applications up to Zone 1. The system can be installed on the external wall of the protective cabinet or shelter, and is suitable for regulating internal temperature in ambient temperatures ranging from -35 to +55 degrees C. Unlike conventional compact air conditioning (US) systems, there is no air flow interface between the conditioned/unconditioned sections, so that it can be integrated in a housing that is explosion protected by pressurization (Ex p).

The housing is fabricated from the same high-performance GRP sandwich materials as the shelter, and is corrosion-proof. It meets the DIN EN IEC 60079-0 antistatic standard.

INTERTEC can supply the air conditioning unit and a standard cabinet or shelter for user assembly, or a complete turnkey solution optimized for the application's climatic conditions.

For further imformation, please refer to our data sheet.
Many further intermediate sizes can be found under the heading "data sheets".

Other cooling solutions

INTERTEC also offers a number of other innovative cooling solutions including:

  • passively cooled shelters (US) using water (suitable for large-scale applications in arid climates)
  • semi-passive cooled shelters using water aided by micro pumps (suitable for large-scale applications in arid climates)
  • passively-cooled enclosures (US) using phase-change materials (suitable for smaller-scale applications in arid climates)
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    Pressure ventilation system / air conditioning system HVAC with forced draught fan (FD fan).
    The air conditioning system provides forced ventilation with five complete air changes per hour and can generate/maintain an overpressure of 25 Pa in the housing. Fresh air supply from safe atmosphere.
  • a wide range of cooling options like filter fans, Vortex coolers, Peltier-effect cooling for regulating the temperature of particular parts of equipment. Details

Passive sample cooler (US) - an off-the-shelf solution for cooling volatile fluid samples by means of heat exchange - ensuring that the media is always below 60 degrees C before exposure to air.

Designing your own enclosure?

Avoiding thermal 'short cuts'
makes design easier

What forms of protection are possible?

Turnkey design/build

The SAFE LINK service creates complete system solutions, tailor-made for your needs. Our systems are much more than the sum of their parts - you get truly integrated solutions with added-value performance and reliability derived from know-how gained on thousands of similar applications.

INTERTEC's datasheet library.