Protective cabinets and shelters - for advanced performance in challenging environments

INTERTEC has developed special fabrication techniques over decades for creating tough and durable cabinets and shelters for harsh operating environments such as oil, gas and chemical processing plants. We typically employ GRP sandwich constructions with inner and outer skins enclosing cores of insulating PU foam. This construction technique combines both strength and rigidity with a high degree of environmental protection.

Three construction principles: BASIC , CLASSIC and the versatile ARCTIC shelter allow us to build cabinets and shelters of almost very size and strength to satisfy the spectrum of operating conditions and climates. The standard products can be customized in many ways to provide particular performance attributes, including:

  • IP65/IP54 ingress protection
  • Fire safety (up to 120 minutes)
  • extreme thermal insulation (Arctic conditions)
  • Proof against wind (to 240 kph), blast, earthquake
  • Explosion proof (to IEC, ATEX, CSA, GOST, Nepsi)
  • Antistatic
  • Passively cooled
  • Heat resistant (to 160 C)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Leak resistant floor
  • UV-resistant gel-coat

INTERTEC will configure and build the complete cabinet or shelter solution to your specification, or provide you with a complete turnkey solution - with field equipment installed and ready for connection. Our systems building service has given us extensive experience of most common industrial operating environments, as well as many special needs such as the frangibility requirements of airport equipment.

BASIC cabinets

Light-duty cabinets (IP65 as standard) for free-standing or wall-mounted applications. Available in sizes up to 2 m high, 1.3 m wide, 1 m deep. Double-walled GRP skins with PU foam cores provide excellent durability. C-rails offer excellent mounting flexibility. Underground vaults available.

CLASSIC cabinets

A concept proven reliable in tens of thousands of applications, with cable entry typically via the bottom or rear. Support posts made from high tensile strength pulltruded GRP provide excellent load-bearing attributes. Integral C-rail or Unistrut mounting allows for easy equipment installation and adjustability. Can be made in almost any size up to heights of typically 3 m. Many variations possible, including floor materials and construction (such as lipped edges for leak resistance). Underground vaults available.


GRP sandwich construction and gel coating techniques provide superb thermal insulation properties, combined with high structural strength and durability. Insulation thickness can be varied to suit the application. Maximum size is almost limitless (INTERTEC's purpose-designed factory can make single piece walls and roof up to approx. 6 x 3 m - for anti-leak integrity).


Combines the flame-retardant properties of GRP with sandwich construction techniques housing inner cores of mineral wool or other materials. This delivers thermal insulation with fire safety characteristics of up to 120 minutes, to protect equipment such as emergency shut down valves and actuators. Cabinets or shelters can be manufactured using this technique. INTERTEC meets many national and international fire standards (call for details).


INTERTEC can provide shelters with ISO standard edges and stainless steel frames, to simplify transportation.

Designing your own enclosure?

Avoiding thermal 'short cuts'
makes design easier

What forms of protection are possible?

Turnkey design/build

The SAFE LINK service creates complete system solutions, tailor-made for your needs. Our systems are much more than the sum of their parts - you get truly integrated solutions with added-value performance and reliability derived from know-how gained on thousands of similar applications.

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