INTERTEC's glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) fabrication material

The outer skins of INTERTEC's instrument enclosures are fabricated using long glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP). The material is manufactured using a variety of processes including sheet moulded compound (SMC), resin transfer moulding (RTM), continuously-made sheeting, pulltrusion, or hand lamination to suit the range of field protection applications. This high-tech material offers superb strength, weight and corrosion resistance advantages when fabricating enclosures and shelters for harsh operating environments:

Strength vs weight: how long can a wire be before it tears under its own weight?

GRP vs steel, nylon/polyester, carbon fiber, aramid.

GRP has an excellent strength/weight ratio

  • strength almost matching stainless steel (non-reinforced plastic is approximately. 100 times less stable)
  • light weight (stainless steel is 4 times heavier)
  • immunity to corrosion
  • excellent chemical resistance

The performance of this basic building material is further enhanced by INTERTEC depending on the application. By increasing wall thickness and controlling fiber alignment, instrument enclosures can be fabricated with reinforcing at the edges/corners for carrying large loads.

Thermal insulation
GRP is a strong material with low thermal conductivity: ideal for the design of housings without thermal short-cuts.

Sandwich design
Larger cabinets and shelters can employ sandwich constructions with inner and outer skins enclosing cores of lightweight insulating PU foam - a construction ensuring strength and rigidity and a very high degree of environmental protection. Alternative fire resistant core materials allow fire safe properties. Double sandwich designs are possible as well as inner or outer skins from other materials such as aluminium sheet or stainless steel.

Designing your own enclosure?

Avoiding thermal 'short cuts'
makes design easier

What forms of protection are possible?

Turnkey design/build

The SAFE LINK service creates complete system solutions, tailor-made for your needs. Our systems are much more than the sum of their parts - you get truly integrated solutions with added-value performance and reliability derived from know-how gained on thousands of similar applications.

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