Cutting the cost and timescale of control and instrumentation upgrades

PERI SHELTERS help EPCs and process plant owners/operators to substantially reduce the cost - and shorten the timescales - of control and instrumentation projects. The design concept offers a novel alternative to satellite instrument house (SIH) and remote instrument enclosure (RIE) style plant buildings. INTERTEC's unmanned shelter design concept makes everything required for day-to-day operation accessible via the exterior. The 'inside-out' approach dramatically reduces shelter size and footprint and complexity - simplifying projects.

PERI SHELTERS eliminate (or greatly reduce) the need for:

  • fire resistance
  • blast resistance
  • doorways, walkways, aisles
  • control panels/screens, desks
  • HVAC/atmosphere control
  • lighting
  • human-factor engineering
  • installation footprint


More information?

Read this article from Managing Aging Plants magazine for a quick introduction:

Courtesy of Managing Aging Plants: