Safety-related products - showers/eyewashes, fire shelters, sample coolers, switch protectors

INTERTEC provides a number of turnkey solutions and components for common safety-related requirements:

Safety shower cabinet

Emergency safety showers fully protected against weather, dust or water ingress as appropriate for the indoor or outdoor operating environment. The full integrated cabin has inside space enough and also protection of viewing in case of emergency clothes have to be pulled away very fast from persons skin. Systems can include:

  • Heating systems (with R12 or R18 insulation to minimize energy consumption)
  • Bright white interior for optimal illumination
  • Double swing saloon doors
  • Insulated floor with side or bottom drain
  • Warning lights, horns and alarms
  • Area classification to meet General Purpose, Class 1 Div 1, Zone 0,1 or 2
  • Mixing systems may be fully self contained, steam, electric or mixed tempered water to meet ANSI Z358

FIRE shelter

Housings combining the flame-retardant properties of GRP with sandwich construction techniques around inner cores of mineral wool or other materials. This delivers thermal insulation with fire safety characteristics of up to 120 minutes. Cabinets or shelters can be manufactured using this technique with features such as:

  • weatherproof
  • doors/openings for maintenance access
  • to protect critical or emergency shutdown valves
  • to keep electronics etc. below 60 C for a minimum of 30 minutes in the event of a fire ( i.e., the UL1709 temperature curve)


Eye wash bottle enclosure

Emergency eye wash station fully protected against weather, dust or water ingress - andfreezing (with explosion proof heaters if required) as appropriate for the indoor or outdoor operating environment,. With ergonomic features to simplify use. KA25-ASFK (US)

Stop switch protection

A small canopy suitable for protecting open-air emergency stop buttons, or other switches and controls. SD17 (US)

Passive sample cooler

An off-the-shelf solution for cooling volatile fluid samples by means of heat exchange - ensuring that the media is always below its spontaneous combustion temperature (at 60 degrees C) when it comes into contact with air. DS2720 (US)


Designing your own enclosure?

Avoiding thermal 'short cuts'
makes design easier

What forms of protection are possible?

Turnkey design/build

The SAFE LINK service creates complete system solutions, tailor-made for your needs. Our systems are much more than the sum of their parts - you get truly integrated solutions with added-value performance and reliability derived from know-how gained on thousands of similar applications.

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