Temperature control - optimal solutions for all applications

INTERTEC offers a complete range of temperature control options - from simple thermostats to digital PID controllers, to complement its range of Ex heaters and non-Ex heaters. This choice provides the means to optimize performance and minimize costs in applications from freeze protection, to precise temperature regulation for analytical or processing purposes:

  • Cable-mounted thermostats: If simple protection against freezing (US) is all that's required, INTERTEC offers a broad choice of heaters with a TS thermostat fitted into the power supply cable - a very cost-effective patented standalone solution that operates without a controller.
  • Contact-style thermostats: If temperature level needs to be more accurate, and/or the heater needs to be continually switched on and off, TAE thermostats, TS A thermostats and AT thermostats offer an excellent price/performance solution capable of regulating to within approximately 2 degrees C. The thermostat connects directly onto the heating element via a heat-resistant spacer. This provides a defined switching delay that works more efficiently than sensing air temperature. These thermostats can be used as alarms (normally-closed contacts open when temperature drops below setpoint). Thermostats are also available with combined setpoint switching and alarm generation - which is very useful for low temperature applications (as some Ex equipment is only rated -20 to +40 C).
  • Standalone temperature control: a highly-reliable, fully-sealed solid-state module providing PD (proportional, derivative) control, that can be supplied either in pre-set or user-adjustable forms for temperatures from 10 to 40 degrees C. TC A controller

Hazardous area applications: INTERTEC offers an exceptionally broad range of explosion-proof temperature control solutions, and has achieved many approvals for worldwide Zone 1 and Division 1 use from organizations including IEC, ATEX, GOST and CSA. Options include dual-standard (IEC/CSA) heating solutions.

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