Shelters for bulk handling applications

Meet the challenges posed by hazardous environments with INTERTEC enclosures

INTERTEC supplies GRP cabinets and houses as Ex-p constructions (pressurized enclosures) for potentially explosive dust zones (Ex zone 21). The high impermeability of GRP ensures that very little air is lost. This means that the compressed air supply is significantly lower than that of other solutions. Furthermore, Ex-p allows the use of more cost-effective non-Ex products in hazardous areas, especially when the required components are only available as non-Ex versions. INTERTEC can thus deliver cost-effective solutions at the highest safety level.

Walls, ceilings and floors of INTERTEC's shelters for hazardous areas are constructed from proprietary composite GRP. Cabinets and shelters for pressurized applications utilize special bonded joints providing mechanical strength without penetrating fittings, thus creating impermeable gas-tight seals. Combined with airlocks, this enables INTERTEC shelters to reduce the air or gas supply and compressor requirements substantially.

The insulation embedded between two GRP sheets provides excellent noise reduction. Typical noise reduction is between 22 and 35 dB - higher values can be achieved with appropriate wall constructions. The same reduction qualities apply to equipment inside shelters - such as compressors - which can be sited in separate compartments.

The thermal insulation quality of GRP is around a thousand times better than that of metal. Adding an embedded, 'sandwiched' insulation layer makes the quality almost perfect. This can result in significant reductions in the size and energy consumption of HVAC systems.

Passive cooling offers more possibilities.

GRP also has a similar strength to stainless steel, but it weighs some 75% less. This can be important in offshore platforms/vessels and mobile applications – such as control rooms for portal style scrapers.

INTERTEC's design services can provide HVAC solutions for difficult applications involving explosive dust with many available filtering systems.

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