Conduction heaters

Energy-efficient heating of essential components

These heaters are attached directly to the components and thus ensure an appropriate operating temperature. The direct heat transfer without an intermediate medium such as air makes conduction heaters more effective than convection heaters. Since the thermal energy is transferred directly to the unit to be heated, the environment heats up much less. Other components may therefore have to be equipped with additional conduction heaters.

Conduction heating requires much less energy than convection heating with fins. Heat conduction through metal is more efficient than heat transfer through air. Air heating heats all components - even parts that require no heating. This thermal energy does not need to be generated by conduction. Furthermore, air acts as a thermal insulator to a certain extent. This means that the heating process takes place with a slight delay.

Heating blocks are very well suited for heating individual components; provided they have at least one flat surface to which the heater can be attached.

Conduction heaters contain PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) elements of self-limiting heaters. They increase their electrical resistance as the temperature rises, which results in a lower heating power. The heating power is very low at high temperatures, so that the limit temperature of the respective temperature class cannot be exceeded.

Conduction heaters are heated by a PTC cartridge and attached directly to the device that is to be heated. The Ex types of these heaters are additionally equipped with a grounding block.


The electric heating block is attached to valve blocks, measuring devices, control valves, etc. and heats these devices by means of heat conduction. This type of frost protection or temperature maintenance is simple, reliable and economical. If required, different adapter plates guarantee an optimal heating of different devices.


Due to its relatively large surface, this heater is suitable for mounting on components with similarly large, flat surfaces. Due to the shape of the heater, it takes up comparatively little space in the housing.

NANOTHERM (not Ex-protected)

SL NANOTHERM is a heating block which is heated by a PTC cartridge. It is attached directly to the device that is to be heated. The heating block is only designed for non-Ex areas.

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