Safety & Security

Reducing potential dangers and avoiding accidents

Explosive mixtures, highly flammable materials, high wind loads, heavy storms and vibrations ranging up to earthquakes are just some of the hazards in industrial environments to which not only sensitive equipment but also personnel are exposed. We help you to reduce these hazards and their effects to a minimum.

Explosion protection

All installations in hazardous areas must meet requirements defined in the IEC 60079 series of standards, such as:

  • Antistatic materials to prevent sparks generated by electrostatic charge.
  • Protection classes (e.g. IP65) are required by numerous Ex standards (IEC 60079 ff).
  • Mechanical protection (against shocks) is a requirement in many protection classes.
  • INTERTEC offers enclosures and cabinets approved for Ex p (pressurized) protection classes.

Regardless of the location, INTERTEC heaters and enclosures meet European, North American and/or international requirements. Currently our products are certified to IECEx, ATEX, CSA, EACEx, NEPSI, INMETRO, KC, PESO and others.

Special regulations apply for North America. CSA or ETL certification under the NRTL program:

Fire protection

There are a large number of fire safety standards worldwide, most of which are based on two objectives. Either to prevent a small source of fire from becoming larger or to contain the fire to a room or area of the plant.

INTERTEC only uses flame resistant GRP materials. GRP has so-called self-extinguishing properties that counteract the spread of flames. A sandwich construction of GRP surrounding a core of mineral wool or similar materials provides thermal insulation that can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes. Due to the optimized manufacturing process, INTERTEC enclosures or shelters are well suited to maintain temperatures within the operating temperature range of the equipment (e.g. 60° C) for a period of time determined by the application. These concepts meet the temperature curves according to EN or UL1709 and protect the equipment below the ignition temperature (i.e. 180° C). This is made possible by GRP, which has the decisive advantage over highly thermally conductive metals.

Storm, blast and earthquake protection

The highly durable composite material used for our enclosures can be designed so that the boxes, cabinets and shelters can withstand extreme forces. For example, the structures can withstand storms of up to 240km/h, the shock wave of a nearby explosion or an earthquake (zone 5). Despite the high static strength, GRP is still flexible and therefore acts like a built-in shock absorber!

Unauthorized access

Enclosures and protective cabinets can be fitted with locks if required, either with a universal key or a locking system.

Forceful impact

Due to its natural strength and flexibility, GRP offers excellent mechanical protection against unintentional impacts or vandalism. Its dimensional stability ensures that even considerable forces do not cause structural damage.
Depending on the application, the strength of the composite material can also be varied.

You need reliable protection for your application?
We are happy to support you in finding the right solution.

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