Efficiently dimensioned protective cabinets with easy operation from the outside - even in harsh ambient conditions and climates

A variety of factors determine whether a protective solution is profitable and, above all, efficient: the available space, proximity to heat sources, building regulations for free-standing buildings or implementation in hazardous areas. These sources of problems can be easily eliminated with PERI SHELTERS. The proven inside-out approach facilitates the implementation of many design requirements with a minimum of space.


Advanced protection solutions for complex automation systems often present a major challenge - from strict space requirements to effective cooling solutions; especially under hot climatic conditions.

For this purpose, INTERTEC has designed the complete solution PERI SHELTER. It is an unmanned outdoor cabinet that houses field instrumentation and process control systems, such as Satellite Instrument Houses (SIH) or Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE). All system components, controls, I/O connections and active parts of the cooling system required for normal operation are accessible from the outside of a PERI SHELTER. This inside-out approach effectively eliminates desks, control panels, door opening areas, corridors and escape routes, which not only reduces space requirements, but also massively reduces planning and design costs.

The lower interior requirements facilitate internal atmospheric control. For safe operation in hazardous areas, the interior of the IP65-certified cabinet is slightly pressurized to ensure that no corrosive chemicals are present in the atmosphere. Our GRP material in itself is extremely resistant to highly corrosive atmospheres. Our protective solution per se can withstand corrosivity categories up to C5-I and C5-M according to DIN EN ISO 12944, and withstand Corrosion Resistance Class CRC V according to DIN EN 1993-1-4:2015-10/Eurocode 3.

Cooling Principle

The basis for a PERI SHELTER is our own GRP composite material. The material provides effective protection against many environmental influences such as very high UV radiation, extreme temperatures dust and sand abrasion, and corrosive atmospheres. Especially for use in extreme temperatures, GRP offers a natural thermal insulation, which is supported by the implemented water-based hybrid cooling technology. This solution effectively offers the best of both worlds: The passive cooling is reliable and works without any power supply. The active water cooler complements the operation of the passive cooling system to keep the electronics at an optimal operating temperature even during temperature peaks - including hot and dry desert climates with temperatures of up to 60°C in the shade.

To increase reliability, a PERI SHELTER has a third cooling system: An air cooler that is dimensioned so that it can cool the system on its own during maintenance work or technical problems. 

The main advantage of this multi-layered cooling approach is the reduced size of the protective solution - an important factor for systems installed close to the process. If passive cooling were the only option, an appropriate enclosure would have to be scaled for the hottest days of the year, which would require a very large water tank for such locations. By incorporating active water cooling, both the size of the cooling components and the costs can be reduced as the systems work hand in hand to cope with occasional temperature extremes.

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