Options and Accessories for Enclosures

Specifications and features

INTERTEC offers an extensive range of options and accessories to optimize the performance of GRP enclosures and sunshades for different climatic conditions and make the proper installation of instruments easy and effective. Here are a few of the major options:

Protective options for enclosures and shelters

Antistatic protection

Any INTERTEC enclosure, cabinet or shelter is also available in an antistatic form for use in hazardous areas in order to meet the European IEC 60079 standard. The basic GRP fabrication material is treated with a conductive powder to ensure that any voltage potential dissipates.

Arctic insulation

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester is a very good heat insulating material. A polypropylene liner is fitted as standard. For extreme climates, an aluminum sheet liner can also be fitted to reflect heat.

Protection Class

INTERTEC enclosures are available to meet the standard IP65 Protection Class, or optionally as IP66, IP67 or IP68. MULTIBOX and DIABOX enclosure designs are also available approved to the Enclosure Type 4X approved to CSA standards (comparable to the NEMA Enclosure Type 4X standard).

Fire protection

INTERTEC uses only fire-retardant GRP, having so-called 'self-extinguishing' properties that limit flame spread. Other fire protection properties, such as low smoke, can also be realized. By fabricating sandwich constructions of GRP around cores of mineral wool or similar materials, fire resistances of up to 120 minutes can be achieved.

Design options


Single- or double-glazed windows (US) can be fitted as desired, to suit the installed equipment and allow inspection without opening the enclosure/cabinet and disturbing the heat regulation process.

Insulated entry/exit

For cold climates or applications where temperature regulation is critical, INTERTEC offers ISOPASS insulation adapter made of hard polyurethane foam, which is easily adapted to accommodate the required size of impulse lines.

Special grommets are available for sealing standard tube/pipe applications.

We also offer heat tracing cables and tube bundles including their connection parts for the protective boxes with shrink sleeves.

Vents and drains

Intelligent positioning of vents and drains (US) is important to avoid 'water pump' effects, condensation, or concentration of hazardous gases/fluids (that can result from very small-scale valve leakage over time).

Installation options and mounting systems

Swing frame for 19-inch racks

This hinged frame for industry-standard 19-inch compatible racks/sub racks swings out, thus making it easy to install and access field-based electronics equipment.


The VersaStand family offers modular components for mounting instruments on walls, floors or pipes.


There are many more options including sunshades, pipe stands, gas struts or lid props, insulating pipe adapters, choice of mounts, hinges, clasps, and ground fixings.

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