Passive Sample Cooler

Proven and flexibly configurable for your application

Cost-effective cooling for sampling close to the process thanks to our passive cooling system - low-maintenance and explosion-proof.

Samples of fluids and gases in industrial plants are often very hot. That can be a danger for personnel and equipment. Flammable substances must not come into contact with oxygen above their auto-ignition temperature.

INTERTEC’s passive sample cooler ensures that the sample temperature is not higher than 60°C when it is extracted.


  • Low maintenance
  • Modification to factory standard possible (materials, valves, connections)
  • Flexible design of the process engineering layout according to the application
  • Self-sufficient system: no supply of media like cooling water or process air necessary
  • Explosion proof for Zone 1 or Class I Div.1

Operating principle

The passive sample cooler works on the principle of passive cooling: as soon as the ball valve is opened, the sample passes through a stainless steel spiral, which runs in a stainless steel water tank. The thermal energy is transferred to the water. Since the heat capacity of water is comparatively high, the water warms up only slowly.

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