What You See

What You Get

Complete service

We accompany you throughout the entire production cycle - from planning to final assembly.

Cost efficiency

With our modular system, you get exactly the protective solution you need - powerful and cost-saving.


The all-round material offers excellent stability with comparatively low weight, as well as resistance to wear and extreme temperatures.

Modular principle

Our complete solutions can be flexibly assembled from individual units that are perfectly matched to each other.


With INTERTEC's proven solutions, you get comprehensive yet low-maintenance all-round protection for your process.


Our broad product portfolio offers you the perfect solution using standard components for your application - from
field instrumentation to safety technology.

Ergonomic and easy to maintain

Maintenance and repair accounts for a large part of the operating costs. We develop protection solutions that combine optimal accessibility with the necessary protection against environmental conditions.

Design know-how

With our versatile GRP material and modern production processes, our experienced team designs the best protection solution for all requirements; be it anti-static or 120-minute fire protection.

Years of experience

Since 1965, we have designed more than half a million protective enclosures for field instruments. Our unsurpassed expertise is fully at your disposal.

Your partner for the protection of outdoor plant and system technology

Since 1965, INTERTEC has supplied over one million protective enclosures for highly sensitive instruments and control equipment to customers in the energy, chemical and engineering industries worldwide. Whether in the Arctic or the desert, high-tech enclosures, cabinets and shelters from INTERTEC reliably protect integrated equipment even under extreme operating conditions, thanks to the materials technology used and proven heating and cooling systems. Our comprehensive product portfolio and experienced specialists offer you exactly the right solution for your application.


GRP – the optimal material

Due to its unique properties, glass-fiber reinforced plastic offers comprehensive advantages for our protective enclosures that cannot be met with comparable materials:

  • Strength of steel at only ­∼25% of its weight
  • Excellent insulation due to low thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and UV radiation
  • Electromagnetically transparent for wireless applications
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent structural integrity even at extreme temperatures between -65°C and +80°C

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