Ventilators for explosion-proof areas

For safe and efficient ventilation of enclosures, INTERTEC offers the ExVENT electric motor as well as the FL-ExVENT filter ventilator and HT-ExVENT fan as a stand-alone solution. Comprehensive heating and cooling solutions with integrated ventilation can be found under HVAC.


This explosion-proof ExVENT electric motor is used to power:

  • Fans for ventilation or better temperature distribution in heated analyzer cabinets to increase the heat exchange performance of heating or cooling systems.
  • Pumps (e.g. in sample collection systems)
  • Gearboxes (e.g. in actuators of valves)

The shaded-pole motor can be used in a temperature range from -60 to +60°C and thus offers multiple application possibilities.

A temperature limiter is integrated, which disconnects the motor from the mains supply in the event of external heating above the limit temperature or if the motor is blocked for explosion protection reasons.


The FL-ExVent filter ventilator is used for the ventilation of housings. It consists of the encapsulated shaded-pole motor ExVENT 3025, a housing made fo stainless steel or alternatively GRP, and an outlet or inlet filter. The intake air is cleaned and thus prevents dirt from entering the inside of the enclosure. At the same time, the fan itself remains clean and thus operable for a long time.

Like the ExVENT motor, the filter ventilator is explosion-proof. The FL-ExVENT is equipped with a temperature limiter, which separates the fan from the mains in case of danger. The fan is used in an operating temperature range of -40° C to +55° C.


If flammable gases or liquids can be released inside a housing, a technical ventilation system must dilute them with clean air to such an extent that the lower explosion limit is not exceeded. However, if there are large temperature differences between the inside of the enclosure and the environment, the air exchange causes a high energy loss. ExVENT Reco reduces the energy consumption for heating or cooling the inside of the enclosure by means of heat recovery while providing explosion-proof ventilation.

The system consists of a control unit and two ExVENT Reco units, which are installed in the walls on opposite sides to ensure better flushing. A recuperator in each unit keeps the temperature inside the enclosure largely constant despite a 10-fold air exchange, resulting in an energy recovery of up to 80%.

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